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McGrath Lexus of Chicago has created an exclusive partnership with O'Hare Personal Valet to offer our customers an extraordinary service! We all know what a hassle it can be parking at O'Hare, but what if.... could drive your car to the OPV facility 2 miles from the terminal and have a valet waiting to hop in, and ride to O'Hare with you? ....when you returned, you texted your valet and they dropped off your hand-washed car directly to you at the arrivals terminal? NOW IT'S POSSIBLE and with a special discount just for our customers!

  • Indoor Parking for the outdoor parking price  
  • Service Concierge - Service with us during you trip ($50 transport fee)  
  • Vehicle Hand Washed on the day of your arrival (added charges may apply)  
  • Saving You Time and we know your time is money!  

We know you are going to love this experience book your reservation today!